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Sprout Medical, Making an Impact in Critical Care Sprout Medical has developed a cost-effective system to increase the clinical efficiency of administrating the rapid infusion of various fluids that... Jerry Gibson, CEO, Sprout Medical
From Condoms to Brain Implants: Protecting Patient Safety Across the Device Spectrum Through Biological Assessment Using a risk-based approach to address biocompatibility has become mainstream, and actively encouraged by the FDA. This strategy allows manufacturers... Thor Rollins, Audrey Turley
Rising Obesity in America, with the primary focus on childhood obesity. Rising problem of obesity in America with primary focus on childhood obesity. Dr. Sharma talked about prevention and different options of medical... Anamika Sharma, MD
The Promise and Peril of Agile for Medical Devices Agile methods promise faster development of medical devices but at the peril of jeopardizing regulatory compliance. Learn about four key rules to... Aaron Joseph
SenSonic - The World Debut of the “Neckband Style” Self-Programmable, Wireless Hearing Aid SenSonic is the world’s only hearing aid capable of user-configurable audiometric measurement and shift-on-the-fly reprogramming when the wearer... Asela Udhaya Bandara Jayampathy, Co-Founder and CEO BioSound